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Live tracking over 100 million businesses

Transform your supplier risk management with real-time intelligence.

Learn How

Our live data helps you drive innovation through your finance products.

Act faster

Act on credit, risk, and opportunity events as they impact individual clients or portfolios.

Price better

Live insights make dynamic pricing possible. Why price on outdated information when current data is more accurate?


The step change to live reporting presents an opportunity to re-imagine products and business models.

We track over 100 million businesses in the US, UK, EU, and beyond.

Riskopy combines conventional and alternative data sources in our proprietary algorithm to provide actionable, event driven insights.

Financial Data

Company level credit data enhanced with regional, sector, economy, and country weightings

Event Data

Legal, currency, weather, transport and crime events

Digital Data

News, social, sentiment and digital footprints

In-House Data

Incorporating granular data by connecting to your clients' accounting or ERP systems

Solving problems across departments - sales, risk, underwriting, compliance, and reporting.

Entity Resolution

Find the right company, even by its partial name or URL, within complex group structures, or data-poor regions.

Company Monitoring

Track your assets and portfolios for events in real-time to trigger early warning, re-pricing or compliance actions.

Know Your Customer

Regulators need more data on KYC, anti-money laundering, and sanctions requirements. Leverage real-time data and ensure compliance.

Working Capital Solutions

Lending, leasing, receivables finance, supply chain finance and associated insurance products can be transformed with a high resolution view of customers and their interconnections.

Real-time finance is here.